ICB Executive Leader National Offer – Onboarding and Networks

This national offer is necessarily broad to meet the varied needs of all newly appointed ICS Senior Leaders including Non-Executive Directors with specific detail being supported through regionally designed onboarding support. 

The menu available includes the following:

  • Senior Leaders onboarding website – resources organised around themes of leading compassionately for self and others; collaborating and systems leadership for all; making an impact; leading for general outcomes etc.
  • Development network for CEOs and Chairs – bringing together leaders from Providers and ICS organisations
  • New to ICB Board playlist – range of webinars and podcasts to suit new ICB leaders
  • Do Once Do Well Podcasts
  • ICS Board Development regional offer aligned to the core framework for ICB and ICP Board development which can be adaptable to support systems OD and applicable for all levels of ICS subsidiarity

Specific to Non- Executive Directors (NED)

The whole ICB Executive Leader offer is open to NEDs with the following additional resources

  • Non-Executive Directors Community
  • NED networks including pipeline development, coaching and buddying. 

To find out more take a look at the information below: