About Us

We work to develop and support leaders at all levels to deliver high-quality compassionate care. We do this by offering a diverse suite of professional leadership development programmes and opportunities for team, aspiring, executive, and clinical leaders working in leadership and delivering healthcare services across the east of England.

Proudly working as the Talent and Leadership Development team, Workforce, Training and Education Directorate, our leadership development programmes and opportunities will equip individuals and teams with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed to lead in today’s NHS. We know that better leaders galvanise better care, so why not live up to the expectations of our patients and service users and become the better leader that we know you can be.

The NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy works with its seven regional teams to listen to, engage with and develop and provide leadership development for people working in and with the NHS. Each regional team connects with their local community through their board membership, usually made up of chief executives and directors from community, acute and mental health providers and commissioning organisations. They work with their communities to identify talent, development needs and, with funding from the national Academy, support local leaders and their organisations with programmes, coaching, and research based resources. They are a critical friend, helping to ensure that the national Academy is connected with the challenges facing frontline organisations. In turn, the Academy’s close working relationships with national partners such as NHS England, the Care Quality Commission, Local Government Association and Public Health England help teams to understand the national picture and plan and design local work programmes with these issues in mind.

By working as a network, our national and regional reach is extensive, enabling us to involve local and national partners, combine hundreds of years of leadership knowledge and experience to shape the leadership development landscape across England.