Why evaluate leadership development?

Our mandate to provide leadership development is clear. The NHS 5 Year Forward View states that the changes the NHS needs to make relies on the national leadership of the NHS acting coherently together. In the field of leadership development, demonstrating impact and effectiveness can be very difficult, more work is needed to develop the capacity, capability and culture of evaluating the impact of our leadership development activity. By doing this, we will be able to ensure that interventions are evaluated well and that we use this knowledge to provide our future NHS leaders with the skills they need to help our patients stay as healthy as possible.

Our Vision is to ensure a culture of comprehensive and consistent evaluation is embedded into all NHS leadership development activity so that evaluation becomes everyone’s role.

LeaDER Framework

In 2014, the Leadership Development Evaluation and Research group was formed to promote the formative evaluation of leadership development interventions commissioned and provided by the NHS Leadership Academy and Local Leadership Academies. The group created an evaluation framework document that outlines how practitioners can evaluate activity. The framework offers guidance on what information should be collected, in what ways, at what times and from what people to ensure that the evaluation is reliable and valid. If you would like a copy please contact us at [email protected]

East of England Evaluation Reports

Impact of the Mary Seacole Programme in the East of England

We are pleased to publish our recent reports and case studies from east of England participants on the impact of the Mary Seacole programme.   We hope that this evaluation report provides a reach and informative insight to the impact and career development achieved by participants. Having had over 200 staff graduate from the Mary Seacole programme we have undertaken this evaluation to better understand the long term outcomes from a leadership and talent management perspective. 

Evaluation of the Hertfordshire Mary Secole Programme

This report is a formative evaluation of phase 1 of the 2 year franchise of the Mary Seacole Herts Local Programme. It explores the impact of local provision of the leadership programme aimed at supporting personal development of leaders, encouraging good practice and innovation and enabling them to influence and work across systems.