Why evaluate leadership development?

We know that compassionate, inclusive and collective leadership nurtures cultures of high-quality care, organisational effectiveness and innovation. Demonstrating that leadership development positively impacts the leadership of our health and care organisations is complex. The national report for Leadership for a Collaborative and Collective Future (June 2022), highlights the very real difference that first-rate leadership can make in health and social care, with many outstanding examples contributing directly to better service, yet, the development of quality leadership and management is not adequately embedded or institutionalised in our health and care communities. The Hewitt Review: an independent review of integrated care systems (April 2023) also reinforces that coherent system-wide leadership is at the heart of effective integrated care. It calls for leadership development that supports changes in systems leadership culture and behaviours and the need for substantial, sustained investment in organisational development, collaborative leadership and team working across different professions, sectors and organisations. For further reading please also see What Is Compassionate Leadership? | The King’s Fund (kingsfund.org.uk)

Our approach to review and evaluation of the leadership development offers across the east of England provide useful insights for the impact for health and care staff, organisations and integrated care systems.

We have produced a suite of evaluations, reflections and case studies linked below, please have a read of the full set in booklet form here or via the individually linked reports below.


Coaching and Mentoring:


Collaborative Networks:


In Place Systems OD: