East of England Leadership Learning Zone

The Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ) has been developed to individuals with a tool that will enable learning, enhance understanding and embed vital skills and knowledge that will contribute to the, physical and psychological well-being of our people and can be accessed free of charge by all NHS staff via the following link: Leadership | Supporting you to reach your leadership potential (leadershipnhs.uk)

LLZ features a suite of 32 leadership learning modules including An Introduction to leadership, Coaching, Talent Management, Equality and Diversity, System Leadership, Resilience, Unconscious Bias and more.  

For more information on the ten newly developed Systems and Relational leadership modules, please see our flyer here.

The Zone’s e-learning mode of delivery contributes to enabling the attainment of training and enables the organisation to make learning available that is flexible and contemporary, at the same time releasing staff time to care.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership Learning Zone please do contact: [email protected]