Systems Leadership Development

Systems Leadership Development

Our work in this important area aims to; support all leaders in health and social care to better understand the notion of systems working and the way in which it links to the wider ambitions for health and social care; work in practice with leaders seeking to develop Integrated Care Systems, (Integrated Care Boards and Integrated Care Partnerships) to support these developments in the East of England.

We seek to ensure that activity on systems leadership engages with the system to ensure that we are helping people to identify development needs and how they might best be addressed.  At the same time, we work within the frame that exists around the NHS Long Term Plan and its People Plan.

Systems leadership is demonstrated when leaders are able to work beyond organisational boundaries on challenges of mutual concern that cannot be solved by any one person or institution. The system is no longer focused on operating as sole organisations and calls for a collaborative approach across a variety of new boundaries.

We recognise the complexity of these challenges and ask of leaders across health and care to embody future focused, inclusive leadership qualities. We are here to work with you in the ICS, ICP, PCNs and with place/alliance teams on the co-design and co-delivery of a range of leadership and organisation development interventions.  We will support you to build and develop your inclusive cross-sector system leadership capabilities and qualities, as system partners working beyond your own organisational boundaries, to help embed the legislative recommendations. 

The range of interventions available will support leaders operating in complex and challenging systems with their own personal development, relational capability, socio-political understanding and systematic thinking within the system by default framework.

Many crucial features of strong system working, such as collaborative working arrangements, developing trust between partners, good leadership and effective ways of working is already being demonstrated by leaders across the East of England.  Following statutory legislation changes systems increasingly have an important role in developing multidisciplinary leadership and talent at all levels, valuing diversity and developing a workforce and leadership which is representative of the population it serves.

In response to local need we have developed a suite of priority offers.  To find out more about our programmes please click on the links in the menu bar to the right.

Our wide range of programmes are available to our stakeholders working in Integrated Care Systems.  This includes health and care professionals who work in various services including primary and secondary care, community settings, local authorities, voluntary and community and the social enterprise sector. 

Helpful resources:  To find out more about System Leadership Development please have a look at our System Leadership Resources page.