System Leadership Behaviours self-assessment tool

System leadership and leading across the system brings many levels of complexity.

This resource was developed in 2023, the System Leadership Behaviours Self-Assessment has been designed as a multi-functional development tool to support all leaders working across a system or place-based environment with self-reflection and assessment.

It will support individuals to identify their strengths, areas for development and personal readiness for System Leaders.

View the Self Assessment in the link below:

The self-assessment will support leaders to engage with the System leadership behaviours self-assessment and will provoke thoughts around the leadership behaviours required to lead and work effectively.

The System Leadership Behaviours Framework was developed following a significant system wide piece of research to understand the behaviours needed to enable effective system leadership across the public sector.  

The research identified four overarching themes, each underpinned by a series of supporting behaviours:

  • Being
  • Relating & Communicating
  • Leading & Visioning
  • Delivering

These behaviours are brought to life by a set of indicators, demonstrating the kinds of behaviours that enable, and obstruct, effective system leadership. The framework is also supported by a set of behaviour conversation cards.

The self-assessment takes just 35 minutes and your results will be sent to you confidentially via email.

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