Organisational Development

Organisation Development (OD) means many things to different people

Our aim is to support leaders, OD & HRD leads and all staff to develop their organisations to be as fit for purpose so they could meet the opportunities, challenges of the Interim People Plan and the Long Term Plan.

It is about leading change, service improvement initiatives, engaging and motivating staff, developing their talents and improving potential of staff. Great OD is about understanding context and culture, taking a systems approach and enabling NHS staff to design and deliver great patient care.

All leaders have a responsibility to develop their organisations as well as their team. We want to facilitate leaders in organisations to do this, and support and develop the capability and capacity of those who have particular responsibility for organisational development.

How do we do this?

We want to mirror the principles of great OD, working across systems, working with people to provide resources and development and opportunities that develop OD capacity and capability.

We will do this by connecting together OD leads in organisations and those working at a regional and system level, to co-create resources and build capability.