NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

The Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM) is an evidence-based model that reflects the values of the NHS, what we know about effective leadership, and what our patients and communities are now asking from us as leaders. The model is for everyone – whether you have formal leadership responsibility or not, work with closely with patient or not, work in a clinical or non-clinical setting, or with a team of five or 5,000.

It describes what good leaders do and it will help you develop as a leader by showing you how your leadership behaviours affect your work culture and climate. Whether you work directly with patients and service users or not, what you do will affect the experiences of patients and service users in your organisation, the quality of care provided, the reputation of the organisation and the experience of the staff providing the care.

The model is made up of nine ‘leadership dimensions’. Click here to view a description of what each dimension is about and why it is important.

Once you’ve explored the dimensions, you may want to undertake:

>> The free self-assessment tool – this involves completing a questionnaire to generate a report which will help you to assess your leadership behaviours and more fully understand your leadership development, or;

>> The 360 degree feedback tool – this involves getting confidential feedback from others to help give insight into their perceptions of your leadership abilities and behaviour.  This can be completed as an individual or as part of a team to generate a group report.

Once you have completed your 360 degree feedback, you can select a trained feedback facilitator from one of over 200 in the east of England to meet for a face-to-face feedback session where they will deliver the contents of your 360 report.

To begin your HLM feedback process you can register here

If you are already a registered HLM feedback facilitator or want to access the register, click here

For queries please contact: [email protected]

For further downloadable information regarding the Healthcare Leadership Model, please visit the Healthcare Leadership Model Library.