Career Development and Information

These links have been put together to help support you to develop your career and provide you with information to further your knowledge. If you would like any further support please contact us at [email protected]

A range of career resources for you to consider – NHS-Career-Management-booklet-05Download

To download our Executive mentoring handbook please click on the download link below. This resource has been devised and developed to support all mentors, formal and informal. It includes the differences between mentoring and coaching, the mentoring relationship (contracting, ending, review and evaluation), practical skills for mentoring (building rapport and open questions) and top tips. The content also incorporates several studies around inclusive leadership and the links with inclusive mentoring as well as the translation of mentoring skills into a virtual space.  

To download our Career Development workbook please click on the download link below. This workbook has been developed to give you the space to help think about what is next and how you will get there. It is a collection of exercises designed to generate some thoughts and help keep you accountable to the steps you need to take to further your career to the next step; whether that be an Executive Director role, or another leadership role.

The Executive nurse handbook – March 2019 – Offering valuable insight into the executive nurse role. We want to support you as an emerging leader, as the NHS looks to the future.