EoE Talent Management Community of Practice

It’s all about the people

Join us

Our next Talent Community of practice will be on Thursday 16th September at 10 to 12.30pm – details for booking will be available shortly.

Our vision

Our vision is to create outstanding leadership at every level of the NHS creating a culture of compassion and inclusion that improves lives in local communities and that the talent management community of practice enables, convenes and supports whole system talent management.

Our purpose is to…

Work collaboratively to agree and embed a common approach to identifying, developing and deploying our talented people across the system. This will enable us to deliver a health and social care system around the needs of patients and communities.  We do this through inspiring new thinking, sharing expertise and fostering new initiatives that create and spread new knowledge practices and capabilities.

Our aims and objectives are what we recognise as our priority tasks

  • Agree our definition of Talent Management
  • Co-create and make the best use of the tools and resources we have available to us to identify and develop our talented people
  • Jointly identify our current and future people / leadership requirements
  • Know our talented people and their support and development needs
  • Know where our critical vacancies are, and work together to share and deploy our talented people to fill our critical roles
  • Influence our organisations and systems  to engage more effectively in local talent management approaches as well as influencing a shift in mindset to a system wide approach
  • Influence a culture of seeing  all of our people in terms of talent and potential

Our membership

  • Talent Leads from NHS and Social Care organisations across the east of England
  • East of England Talent Management Programme leads

Our approach

  • We have an agreed shared purpose which we regular review and update
  • We demonstrate our values of collaborative working and have a mindset of sharing and deploying our talent to support the growth and ambitions of our services to our patients across health and social care
  • We are non- hierarchical and empower members to make changes take responsibility and for setting our own agendas and running our community of practice
  • We make sure we have clear tasks and outcomes to achieve, that are linked to our core work
  • We hold ourselves mutually accountable for the achievements of these tasks and outcomes, and experience immediate benefits as a result of this.
  • We keep up to date with new developments and inspire each other to think differently
  • We foster and support new initiatives and by doing so create and spread new knowledge, practices and capabilities as well as creating  a safe place to share our failures
  • We influence local, regional and national Talent Management agendas
  • We make the best use of wide range of communication channels including emails, social media groups, teleconferences and  face to face events which are co-developed, planned  and well facilitated