Staff Networks

Welcome to the staff networks area of our website. Here you will find information to help you if you want to:

  • Start a network;
  • Find advice on sustaining existing networks;
  • Find resources and contact details for those who can support you with developing networks. 

Why have a staff network?

  • To share knowledge and experience
  • To improve working lives of staff
  • To provide a forum to highlight common workplace issues for the organisation to address
  • To assist with identifying development needs
  • Provide a forum for linking into other staff network groups
  • To influence and support organisations’ policy and practice
  • To celebrate achievements.

What makes a successful staff network?

Here is a checklist to consider for NHS organisations wanting to create a staff network. The list is not exhaustive, but to develop a successful staff network you are likely to need:

  • A robust business and action plan
  • Senior management support – a ‘champion’
  • Clear reporting lines for the group – who will take forward items raised by the network for action?
  • Effective leadership of the network – clear, identified, sustained
  • Dedicated resources – both financial and human
  • Terms of reference (TOR)
  • Core skills training available to key members – chair, treasurer, minute taker
  • The network to have a mission statement
  • To develop a communication and marketing plan
  • To share good practice and celebrate success
  • To ensure the network is inclusive
  • To have clarity on how success of the network will be measured
  • To ensure the development of networks is reflected in Equality & Diversity and HR strategies
  • To establish inter-organisational network links

Resources and contacts

NHS England » Developing your NHS staff network  

Staff Networks Board Development Offer – Leadership Academy

NHS East of England equality, diversity and inclusion

East of England Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team [email protected]