Coaching and Mentoring Offers

The continued professional development (CPD) opportunities of this page are intended to support the skillset of coaches and mentors currently operating across East of England health and system partner organisations offering a framework to help support clients and organisations.

Sessions for New Mentors or those considering becoming a Mentor on the Hub:

Mentoring Skills Programme This program is specifically targeted at new and developing mentors. The sessions will be interactive, bring you up to date with current thinking and will afford you the opportunity to reflect on your practice as a mentor, whilst gaining or topping up your skills in key areas of mentorship so you can Mentor with confidence and make a real difference!  

The programme will:  

  • Look at the different ‘Schools’ of mentoring, considering the similarities and differences in each  
  • Look at the definition, skills, and attitudes of being a mentor (i.e. the job description of a mentor)  
  • Discuss the co-creation of the mentoring contract  
  • Think about how to co-create a partnership where power differentials are redressed to enable the right work to take place  
  • Explore psychological safety and what that means in mentoring relationships  
  • Build key skills and competencies of being a great mentor including  
  • Listening skills  
  • Questioning skills  
  • Moving to action & accountability  
  • Work on the reflective practice of being a mentor  
  • Explore Ethical practice  

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Sessions for registered Coaches and Mentors:

Coaching and Mentoring Supervision – Group Supervision will be hosted by Lesley Cave. Coaching supervision addresses the skills, understanding and capabilities of the supervisee through the reflection and exploration of the supervisee’s work with their clients. In this exploration, the supervisor helps the coach to: understand the client better, become more aware of their own reactions and responses to the client, understand the dynamics of coach–client interaction, examine how they intervened and the consequences, explore other ways of working with this and other similar client situations. 

To book your place, follow the link below and RSVP

For one-to-one coaching and mentoring supervision – please contact Lesley Cave. Please be aware that spaces are limited, and you must be registered on the East of England Coaching and Mentoring Hub to access this CPD.