Coaching and Mentoring Offers

Coaching and mentoring support is available via the East of England Leadership Academy. Please browse the support offers available to all leadership levels below to maximise your personal and professional potential.

CPD wellbeing offer – Coaches Recovery Lounge Series 2

As part of our People Plan objective “Making the NHS the best place to work”, the Leadership Academy offers qualified coaches, and colleagues who are trained in skills-based coaching, a complimentary half-day wellbeing activity.  Coaches Recovery Lounge is co-designed by Charmaine Kwame and Liz Hall. The session will focus on recovery, reflection and renewal in challenging times. For more information please browse the flyer below and register here.

Introduction to coaching skills for managers

The aim of this workshop is to give managers some simple tools and thoughts that will help them adopt a coaching approach to managing their people. On the global stage of leadership and management, coaching is firmly recognised as a must-have skill set for any leader. The benefits of coaching include greater employee engagement, increased motivation, reduction in health and safety incidents, increased productivity, greater overall efficiency, and many other benefits that are widely reported. Within this workshop, we look to make the art of coaching simple and accessible for managers, but also relevant to the life of a manager. This is not a coaching course – it is a manager development course that looks at coaching. For more information please click here.

Mentoring Skills Programme

Mentoring Skills Programme – Session A

Session A will:

  • Look at the different ‘Schools’ of mentoring, considering the similarities and differences in each.
  • Look at the definition, skills and attitudes of being a mentor (i.e. the job description of a mentor).
  • Discuss the co-creation of the mentoring contract.
  • Think about how to co-create a partnership where power differentials are redressed to enable the right work to take place.
  • Explore psychological safety and what that means in mentoring relationships

Mentoring Skills Programme – Session B

Session B will:

  • Build key skills and competencies of being a great mentor including
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Moving to action & accountability
  • Work on the reflective practice of being a mentor
  • Explore Ethical practice

For more information please click here.