Accelerated Directors Development Scheme

The Accelerated Director Development Scheme (ADDS) is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Accountable Officer (AO) sponsored talent management scheme that identifies, develops and deploys aspiring Executive Directors from health and social care organisations from Hertfordshire and West Essex, BLMK Integrated Care System.

ADDS is a nationally recognised collaborative approach to senior leadership development. The overall aim of the scheme is to identify, develop and prepare high potential leaders to make the transition from operational to strategic leadership and to progress to an Executive Director level role within 9-36 months of starting the scheme

ADDS offers you a unique collaborative approach to senior leader development, in that, it combines ‘CEO /AO sponsorship, leadership development and job opportunity’.

We are committed to improving diversity at Board level. To support this commitment, we have developed and evidence based fair and inclusive nomination, assessment and development process.

Through the scheme, we want to provide you with the best opportunities to lead system-wide initiatives and experiential learning opportunities. We aim to provide you with a vibrant leadership network that works collaboratively to achieve service outcomes and improve patient care across systems.

The scheme will provide you continued commitment and ongoing support of CEO, AO and Human Resource Directors (HRD) from our health and social partners.

Participant Feedback

ADDS allows participants to apply their learning directly to their day to day roles. This aligns directly with our philosophy of talent development, helping colleagues reach their potential and aspire to more senior roles within the organisation.

The scheme provides me with a window into the world of being a director, meeting the leaders and understanding their drives and seeing their humanity AO mentor pushed me, inspired me, motivated me

I feel privileged to work alongside inspirational and committed leaders across a wide range of stakeholders

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