Accelerated Directors Development Scheme

Our Accelerated Director Development Scheme is a Chief Executive sponsored scheme to identify and develop leaders for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, who have the potential to fill key executive director roles within 9 to 36 months. It is co-designed, owned and delivered on behalf of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Talent Forum. Member CEOs and AOs will sponsor and retain oversight of high potential participants. The ADDS is focused on identifying and developing high potential leaders from operational and clinical backgrounds. The ADDS is a unique scheme offering automatic shortlisting for appropriate Executive Director roles, thereby linking development and job opportunities. Nominees are Band 8c and above or equivalent, nominated by their line manager and sponsored by their CEO.

Sponsor Feedback

“I think developing next generation leaders is one of the vital aspects of maintaining the NHS so this scheme is hugely important.”

” I am particularly keen that we support and encourage nominees to think and try sectors different to the one they currently work in. This will provide a larger pool of people with broader experience than we currently have in Beds and Herts to fill senior positions across the health economy.”

Aim and Objectives

The overall aim of the ADDS is to identify, develop and prepare high potential leaders within Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to make the transition from operational to strategic leadership and to progress to a director level role within 9-18 months of starting the scheme.

Our overall aim will be achieved by:

  • Developing proven diagnostic and high potential leader identification tools and processes.
  • Designing and delivering innovative, best in class, leadership development opportunities.
  • Providing participants with opportunities to lead system-wide initiatives and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Development of a vibrant leadership network that works collaboratively to achieve service outcomes and improve patient care across systems.
  • Participants being appointed to director level roles within 9-18 months.
  • Developing a tried and tested approach to leadership identification and development that has the potential to be applied across Workforce Partnerships.

Participant Feedback

“I would thoroughly recommend this programme to any of my colleagues, the commitment and involvement from Beds and Herts CEO’s has been amazing and has made us all feel very valued.”

“I feel privileged to work alongside inspirational and committed leaders across a wide range of stakeholders”

“The scheme provides me with a window into the world of being a director, meeting the leaders and understanding their drivers and seeing their humanity.”


An ADDS Talent Identification toolkit has been developed in order for other Workforce Partnerships to provide CEOs, AOs, HRDs and Organisational Development Leads with the tools and resources needed to assess and select aspiring directors with the potential to be an Executive Director within 24 months.

The toolkit builds on the approach and learning from the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Workforce Partnership pilot ADDS and, aims to enable and embed a collaborative approach to talent assessment and selection across the local and wider health and care system.

In order to obtain the ADDS Toolkit and for more information please contact [email protected]

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