East of England Workforce Initiatives

This resource presents organisational and system workforce initiatives collated following the regional leadership meeting held in July 2019, when the Interim NHS People Plan was discussed and we helped develop thinking, and contributed views, ideas about the actions needed in organisations, STPs/ICSs, regionally and nationally to deliver this.

These are examples of good practice and initiatives in place to addressing the 4 key themes of the plan.

• Making the NHS the best place to work

• Improving our leadership culture

• Addressing workforce shortages

• Transforming how we work to deliver 21st century care

Whilst these are from a wide range of organisations across east of England we know that there are many more great initiatives and work that it is underway to, so this provides an initial collation of good practice to date. We hope that sharing these will be of value, provide further ideas, and be a catalyst for further work to be developed in each of the areas, recognising that there are inter-dependencies between these as components of overall workforce strategies.

We would welcome your feedback on this, and we welcome further examples from organisations and systems of good and innovative practice, especially about how we are transforming work to build a fuller profile of the work that is making the region a great place to work. Please email [email protected] with your comments.