The overarching purpose of Executive Coaching is to enable each individual to perform to the best of their ability; to achieve personal and organisational objectives and to learn and develop in relation to those objectives. The intended results for 1:1 coaching programmes are to create sustainable improvements in performance, expressed through greater clarity, productivity, and effectiveness. The intent is always focused on raising the capacity of individuals to generate greater leadership insight and focus.

The Performance Coach – ADDS – Coaching Programmes

This overview of Executive Coaching is presented as part of the ADD’s Scheme. This document outlines our approach and methodology to Executive Coaching and is intended to stimulate thought, dialogue and debate, together with the clarification of needs and requirements.  T

ADDS Coaching Request Questionnaire

As part of the Accelerated Director Development Scheme, the purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information that enables the identification of possible coaches, for your selection informed by a “relationship chemistry” conversation via Skype/Phone.