PCLC Coaching


All participants have access to 1 to 1
coaching through the East of England Coaching register of NHS Coaches.

Coaching can assist an individual to achieve improved performance, productivity and delivery of objectives, but can also help at times of career transition and  change. Research has shown that coaching can be of real benefit to individuals during their first  100 days in a new role or undertaking a new project.

The NHS coaches on the register have completed an accredited coaching skills training programme.  They undertake coaching as part of their role. There is a profile for each coach, so that you can consider who you wish to contact. If you wish to apply for coaching, please register. You will receive a password to log and you can view the full profiles of the coaches and apply for coaching directly to a registered coach.

Once you have made contact with  a coach, you can then have an initial conversation to discuss your position and reason for seeking coaching. If you then proceed to establish a coaching arrangement,  you agree the time and venue for coaching sessions and contract with your coach. A coach can offer  three to four coaching sessions, each usually lasting between one to two hours. Coaching sessions  should be approximately 4 to 7 weeks apart  to allow the coachee to undertake agreed actions, but  this will be determined on an individual basis.
At the 3rd coaching session, you can review progress with your coach and conclude the sessions or 
agree any further sessions, as appropriate.

To access coaching please register here.