Mentoring Skills Programme

Mentoring is taking a more prominent position within the NHS People plan and its role is widely recognised as an important pillar of development. NHS Trusts are keen to develop mentors in every level of the organisation and are taking steps to develop mentoring networks working within and across organisations. Individuals are also seeking to access this type of developmental support to enhance their learning and growth at various stages of their working lives and careers.

So, if you are an existing Mentor or a prospective one and your answer is “Yes” to any of the following questions…

Are you:

A new mentor looking to top up your skills?

A mentor on, yet, lacking mentees?

Thinking of becoming a mentor because:

  • you’ve just stepped off a programme like ‘Ready Now’?
  • you’re thinking of taking part in reciprocal mentoring?
  • you’re thinking of taking part in the reciprocal mentoring for inclusion programme?
  • You’re thinking of taking part in reverse mentoring?
  • you think you’d be a great mentor and simply want to give it a go?

then our two-part Mentoring Skills Programme is for you!

The sessions will be interactive, bring you up to date with current thinking and will afford you the opportunity to reflect on your practice as a mentor, whilst gaining or topping up your skills in key areas of mentorship so you can Mentor with confidence and make a real difference!

Aims & Learning objectives:

You will need to attend a part A and part B session (not necessarily simultaneously, yet in order) to gain your certificate of attendance. Please see more information below for each session, and the dates. Please click on the date for the sessions you’d like to sign up for, to be taken through to the dedicated booking page.

Session A will:

  • Look at the different ‘Schools’ of mentoring, considering the similarities and differences in each
  • Look at the definition, skills and attitudes of being a mentor (i.e. the job description of a mentor)
  • Discuss the co creation of the mentoring contract
  • Think about how to co create a partnership where power differentials are redressed to enable the right work to take place
  • Explore psychological safety and what that means in mentoring relationships

In between Session A&B

You will be asked to seek out a mentoring style conversation to enable you to bring your lived experience back to the virtual training room for sharing and reflective learning (only themes will be worked with, no confidential data).

Session B will:

  • Build key skills and competencies of being a great mentor including
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Moving to action & accountability
  • Work on the reflective practice of being a mentor
  • Explore Ethical practice

Please ensure you sign up to one from each A & B:


The Programme will be facilitated by Lesley Cave who is an experienced Coach, Mentor and Trainer and Facilitator. Lesley will guide these experiential sessions drawing on her experience of mentoring across the public & charity sectors. She will share tips and tricks to getting the most out of your mentee whilst ensuring they walk away with the support, they were seeking from you as their mentor.


Part A Sessions 

  1. Tuesday 1st November – 09.00–12.00 (click here to sign up) 
  2. Wednesday 11th January – 13.00-16.00 (click here to sign up) 
  3. Thursday 2nd February – 09.00-12.00 (click here to sign up)

Part B Sessions 

  1. Tuesday 1st November – 13.00-16.00 (click here to sign up) 
  2. Tuesday 6th December – 09.00 -12.00 (click here to sign up) 
  3. Thursday 2nd February – 13.00-16.00 (click here to sign up) 
  4. Friday 3rd February – 09.00-12.00 (click here to sign up)