Programme Leadership, Design and Delivery

ADDS Talent Forum

Hertfordshire and west Essex ICS have developed a partnership approach to strategic talent management of those with a high potential to be aspirant directors. Partners come together as the ADDS Talent Forum.

Membership of the Talent Forum includes partnership Chief Executive Officers, Human Resource Directors (HRDs) and East of England Leadership Academy.

The Talent Forum is lead by Adam Sewell- Jones, CEO Lead for the Programme, CEO East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.


The purpose of the ADDS Talent Forum is to work collaboratively to identify, develop and deploy future leaders ready to lead organisations and service transformation across organisational boundaries.

Key Objectives

  • Commission and oversee the delivery of ADDS, participant and Alumni development and progression and evaluate success.
  • CEO/Senior system leaders sponsorship of participants and Alumni

Programme Board

The ADDS Programme Board is accountable to the Hertfordshire and west Essex ADDS Talent Forum and is authorised by the Forum to oversee the design, ensure the delivery of and evaluate ADDS.

Chair of the Programme Board is Sharn Elton, Place Director, East & North Hertfordshire, HWE ICB.


The overall purpose of the ADDS Programme Board is to work in partnership with the Talent Forum and the scheme’s assessment and programme delivery partner(s). The programme board supports the participants on each cohort as well as the on-going engagement and development of ADDS Alumni.

Key Objectives

  • Shape, influence and support the Talent Forum setting out processes, roles and responsibilities in relation to key aspects of the scheme
  • Programme manage all aspects of ADDS design and delivery on behalf of the Talent Forum
  • Co-design of the talent development component of ADDS with programme partners, using innovation and best practice

ADDS Key Achievements

ADDS Partnership

  • Jane Halpin, Chief Executive, Hertfordshire & west Essex ICS
  • Elliot Howard Jones, Chief Executive, Hertfordshire Community Trust
  • Karen Taylor, Chief Executive, Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust
  • Adam Sewell-Jones, Chief Executive, East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • Lance McCarthy, Chief Executive, Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Matthew Coats, Chief Executive, West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust
  • James Benson, Chief Executive, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • David Archer, Chief Executive, HUC
  • Tom Abell, Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service
  • Karen Bloomfield, Head of Talent, East of England Leadership Academy