ADDS Cohort 7 Nomination, Assessment & Development Process

Your ADDS nomination process starts off with a local career conversation, followed by talent mapping process undertaken by your executive team and a decision on your nomination for ADDS.

Once nominated, you will undertake an Assessment and Development Centre (ADC) to identify your readiness for a more senior role within 9-24 months and therefore an invitation to join the next ADDS cohort. We aim to ensure all candidates are fully prepared. You are not in competition with others for a place on ADDS and we aim to ensure you have a positive experience of the assessment and development process by using the following approach:

  • Support from within your own organisation to prepare well
  • Support through a series of planned group webinars and a briefing with fellow candidates to prepare well for the ADC experience
  • During the ADC, your assessors will provide you with 1 on 1 real time coaching throughout the ADC
  • Following the ADC, you will receive 1 on 1 in-depth feedback and career coaching from your lead assessor
  • You will come away with an agreed individualised development plan regardless of your ADC outcome
  • Candidates identified as ready for ADDS will be invited to participate in the next cohort

ADDS Cohort 7 programme timeline

Cohort 7 Nomination Forms for download

For further information on ADDS Cohort 7 contact your organisation’s HRD Lead or email [email protected]