Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign Programme (QSIR)

​QSIR College is designed to develop candidates to become associate members of the QSIR Teaching Faculty and go on to skill up other staff within their local systems. Between 6 to 10 candidates will be drawn from the various organisations involved in the sustainability and transformation plan across up to 10 health systems.

Who should apply?

Individuals nominated by their systems should:

  • be committed to working together across organisational boundaries to skill other staff up to undertake the quality and service improvements that will underpin delivery of the Five Year Forward View
  • have significant service and quality improvement skills and experience and be committed to working as a member of the local team rolling out the QSIR programme across their system 

More details about the programme and how to apply please visit NHS Improvement website: https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/qsir-programme/