LeaP – Leadership Programme for Trainee Doctors

Applications for this programme are open until 26th September 2019.

To find out more about the programme contact [email protected] or by calling 01223 884409

Leadership and management competencies remain crucial components of all nine Specialist Psychiatry Training curricula (Appendix 1). The standards are based on the Medical Leadership Curriculum, which was developed following the publication of the Medical Leadership Competency Framework in 2008 (later revised in 2009 and 2010).

The programme ensures trainees are exposed to Leadership and Management development over a one-year period early in their Specialist Training, rather than simply as a “quick fix” five-day course in their final year.   

The course comprises five classroom-based training days over the course of six months, and is delivered at the Ida Darwin site in Cambridge. Trainees are expected to use five days of study leave from their annual allowance.

Also, each trainee is expected to undertake a service improvement project based on an aspect of Leadership or Management. These projects are presented in poster format at an end-of-programme event. On successful completion of the course, the trainees receive a certificate confirming their coverage of the curriculum.


To Participants:

  • Achieving competencies/curriculum coverage (validated by East of England Postgraduate School of Psychiatry)
  • Better value for money than external courses (lower cost, less travel, networking opportunities with local leaders and potential future employers)
  • Creating doctors confident in leadership and management
  • Improved understanding of organisation and working environment
  • Excellent preparation for consultant interviews (knowledge and interactive experiences)

To Service Users:

  • Improved leadership skills and understanding of organisation structure will empower doctors to influence services for the benefit of patients