The Compassionate Collaborative Leader

We are delighted to bring you the opportunity to attend a 90-minute virtual session on The Outward Mindset which has been implemented within 20 NHS and social care related organisations for developing compassionate and collaborative leadership.

Join Alec and Gillian as they share two distinct mindsets from which people and organisations operate – a self-focused Inward Mindset and an others orientated Outward Mindset ™.

The flow of this 90 min session will include:

  • How an Outward Mindset can enable leaders to build collaboration and trusted relationships both in their own teams and across the system stakeholders they seek to influence
  • An incredible tool for breaking down silo’s, resolving conflict and strengthening key relationships
  • How an Outward Mindset builds a self-accountable culture.
  • Alec Grimsley who has worked with leaders and care professionals of 43 NHS and care related organisations will share how ‘Mindset’ and specifically ‘The Outward Mindset’, can enable people to see in a different way – to see problems differently, conflicts differently, challenges differently, opportunities differently, each other differently.

The Compassionate Collaborative Leader

What is the mindset required to:

•Re-energise and motivate our people?

•Get services back on track?

•Keep the lights on in the organisation?

•Get the collaboration right on key projects?

Are you up for an uplifting and inspirational session?

Alec Grimsley has been trusted by the senior leadership of 40 NHS organisations to develop a mindset and ways of working that can break down silo’s and deliver in an aligned and collaborative way

“One of the models I use most often, particularly in

supporting leaders in large scale change is the Outward

Mindset” Helen Bevan, NHS Chief Transformation Officer

“We have utilised the Outward Mindset approach at the most senior levels across three organisations, to assist us in working more effectively together across the health system. This has involved thinking about partners and tackling issues in a completely different way – with quite astounding results”. Debbie Fleming Chief Executive of Poole & Bournemouth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Delivery dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 2nd February   09:30-11:00 To book click here
  • Thursday 10th February     13:00-14:30 To book click here
  • Tuesday 15th March          09:30-11:00 To book click here
  • Thursday 24th March        10:30-12:00 To book click here

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