How to lead in an ICS when you are not in charge? Getting to common purpose, narrative and commitment

These virtual sessions are particularly aimed at people across the East of England working in transformation, organisation development and leadership development. The aim is to enable you to make sense of what you’re experiencing, provide practical tools and techniques for working in complex, messy environments that you can take away and try out, and provide a space for you to apply the approaches to real-time issues, so that you can work towards a common purpose, common narrative and common language, and help others to do likewise. Our sessions aim to be interactive, to give participants the opportunity to explore perspectives from a collaborative approach.

Session 1: Common understanding and common purpose 

Thursday 26th January 2023 – 09.30 – 12.00pm – (This event is now closed)

Session 2: Who’s in our system? Starting to think about common narratives 

Monday 27th February 2023 – 09.30 – 12.00pm – ( This event is now closed)

Session 3: How do we want to influence? More about common narratives 

Thursday 23rd March 2023 – 09.30 – 12.00pm – (This event is now closed)

Session 4: What are our stories: public narratives and common narratives 

Monday 24th April 09:30-12:00 pm- (This event is now closed)