How to have supportive conversations with your people

Join us for a virtual 90-minute bite size session and learn more about how to build your confidence and competence in holding supportive conversations with your people. 

Whether you are leaders in Primary Care, Acute, Community, Social Care and in the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise sector we understand the fast paced, challenging working environment you as leaders are working in and the need to support your people. 

These sessions will be highly experiential with participants engaging through mentimeter polls, breakout groups, sharing thoughts in the Chat and plenary discussions.

We want to hear about your experiences of dealing with staff under pressure as well as:

 • Explore factors that influence individuals’ ability to manage the challenges of extreme pressure

• Consider the difference between stress, PTSD, and burnout

• Raise collective awareness of the consequences of not having supportive conversations

• Identify ways to create a safe space for supportive conversations with individuals

• Reflect upon the impact of work demands on you as a manager, and how to maintain boundaries and look after yourself

• Share learnings and discuss strategies to take back into work

Delivered by Meercat Consulting dates and details are as follows:

Tuesday January 18th     09:30-11:00 To book click here

Tuesday February 22nd   09:30-11:00 To book click here

Monday March 7th           09:30-11:00 To book click here

Tuesday March 29th        09:30-11:00 To book click here