Primary Care Leadership Development Programme

Applications will close on Friday 4th February 2022 12:00pm

This development programme will support two cohorts of 24 people each, from diverse roles across the health system to enhance their personal effectiveness and their capacity to make a difference. The future health system requires people in all different roles to step forwards as leaders. This involves developing the necessary behaviours and developing the ability and practical skills to work collaboratively and compassionately with others.

For more information, please see the flyer here.

Who is the programme for?

Leadership can come from anywhere, not just from the ‘top’. The programme is for anybody wanting to develop their leadership in primary care settings – including:

  • Clinical Directors
  • GPs
  • Practice Managers, and their deputies/assistants
  • Strategic and Business Managers
  • PCN managers
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Care Coordinators
  • Practice Nurses and Social Prescribing Link Workers


Tuesday 22nd FebruaryUnderstanding yourself and your impact
This session will help you to understand yourself and your impact on others. These insights will help people to make best use of themselves and understand the skills they need to develop in their role as leaders of change in primary care.
Tuesday 8th MarchThe changing context of care
This session will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the current wider context of care, your local context and what that means for you, your service and the health system.
Tuesday 22nd MarchUnderstanding the changes that need to be made
This session will focus on understanding the possibilities that come from the changing context, including workforce integration, new ways of working, new models of care, delivery at scale and the potential of working digitally.
Tuesday 5th AprilSkills for change
The session will provide you with an opportunity to build and develop the skills that you most need to support you as a leader of change, your continuous development as a leader and to build your career.
Tuesday 19th AprilCollaborative leadership, engaging others, working in teams and partnerships
We will focus on supporting you to work at small scale in teams and at a larger scale to understand models of partnership working across services and organisations.

Please note: participants can opt to attend either a morning or afternoon programme on the above dates.

How to apply:

Please complete an application form via MS Forms by following this link.

Applications will close on Friday 4th February 2022 12:00pm