Tackling Health Inequalities through Population Health Management (PHM)

In 2021-22 we delivered two sets of webinars designed to provide a practical approach to Population Health Management and a unique insight into the behaviour science of leading and managing change to address inequalities. We continue to support this in 2023 with a series of new events below:

These 90 minutes masterclasses are to help you to tackle some of the health and workforce inequalities from a regional, local and nation level to support you build and adopt a population health management approach in your day-to-day work. The Programme is a collaborative work of five NHS England Leadership & Lifelong Learning Teams. These series of masterclasses will be accessible across NHS England’s five regions East of England, Midlands, London, Southeast and Northwest. Please note each masterclass topic area will be offered to you seven times for you to choose a date that suits you, dates are below

Strategic Workforce Planning and Population Health Management Masterclass – Lot 2

Tuesday 28 March 10.00-11.30
Thursday 20 April 10.00-11.30
Thursday 27 April 1.30-3.00
Thursday 25 May 1.30-3.00
Tuesday 20 June 10.00-11.30
Wednesday 12 July 10.00-11.30
Thursday 20 July 10.00-11.30

Techniques to embed Population Health Management approaches in day-to-day work Masterclass – Lot 3

Wednesday 15 March 1.30-3.00
Tuesday 21 March 10.00-11.30
Wednesday 5 April 1.30-3.00

Tuesday 25th April 10.00-11:30
Wednesday 7 June 1.30-3.00
Tuesday 27 June 10.00-11.30
Thursday 13 July 10.00-11.30