Culture Change Project

The project was designed in response to the need to take forward a piece of work that focuses on developing a compassionate culture of care in the NHS using culture change methodology and practice, bringing together organisations from across the country by using a coordinated approach.

We are going to work with ten NHS organisations to begin with: five who have made some good progress in developing a compassionate culture and five who are at the beginning of their journey. We will provide those organisations with support and help to understand why things work and why things don’t when it comes to culture change.

The Culture Change project will have three stages:

  • Stage 1: We will work with five organisations that have used OD techniques to improve their culture and improve compassionate care. This will involve working with each organisation to validate and identify their OD methodology and outcomes – these organisations will be our “OD Beacons”.
  • Stage 2: We will work with five organisations that are in need of action to transform their organisational culture and improve compassionate care. This will involve work with each organisation to determine their need and these organisations will then be linked with the Beacons to enable the transfer of learning and practice.
  • Stage 3: We are going to develop a range of tools and support for these ten organisations and disseminate this learning to the wider NHS.

What will be delivered?

  • Development of an OD readiness tool to identify the conditions which need to be addressed in an organisation to achieve maximum cultural change impact;
  • Development of a simple OD tool to enable NHS organisations to identify the most appropriate OD intervention to achieve the cultural change required;
  • Development of an app to enable NHS organisations to access the tools developed;
  • Network and share the learning and tools via the existing OD network and through NHSE communication channels;
  • Delivery of a national event to showcase the learning and achievements of the programme to achieve cultural change within the NHS.