Teaming Skills

These sessions are aimed at leaders and managers at all levels across EoE health and system partner organisations.

Teaming Skills – Equipping us as leaders to build high-performing teamwork & improve psychological safety.

  • What do we mean by “Teaming”

The greater our need for innovation and adaptation, the greater our need for collaboration across boundaries. Harvard Professor Amy C. Edmundson uses the word ‘Teaming’ to describe “rapid coordination and communication with people across boundaries of all kinds –expertise, status, and distance, to name the most important.” While organisations rightly invest in building effective stable teams; teamwork ‘on the fly’ across teams and functional boundaries is increasingly important. The best way to create this culture is to every individual with the skills to collaborate at pace, and leaders with the skills to create the right conditions for collaboration. This includes helping leaders to build a culture of psychological safety; where people feel valued and encouraged to speak up. Share ideas. Raise issues. Ask for help. Challenge.

A very practical session focused on: 

  • Raising awareness of how we show up in group interactions. What we do that helps, and where we can be more effective. Practicing and getting feedback on our skills in speaking up and listening up
  • Deepening your understanding of psychological safety. What it is, how it affects performance, and how as leaders we can improve it
  • Equipping you with insights and techniques to improve the performance of any team or group at pace. 

Thursday 12th October, 9:30-12:45 – Click here to RSVP

Thursday 12th October, 13:45- 17:00 – Click here to RSVP