Introduction to Leadership and Management

These sessions are for Leaders and Managers across integrated care systems who are new to formal management positions.   

New Managers and Leaders need to have a clear understanding of the difference between leadership and management, as well as the necessary skill sets for the roles. To help you with this, Leadership and Lifelong Learning East of England and Quiver Management have designed two workshops to increase self-awareness and recognise the impact on team members and others. Participants will also learn fundamental leadership skills and tools to accomplish tasks in a compassionate and inclusive manner while also effectively managing performance issues. 

Session 1: Leading Yourself   

Management and leadership  

  • Leader and Manager – what are the differences and how much do you spend on each?  
  • The skills that make you good in your clinical / technical role are not what will make you a good leader!  
  • How to be effective in the time you have available for management / leadership 

Understanding self  

  • Why is self-awareness so important? 
  • How to increase your understanding of yourself  
  • Use of Health Care Leadership Model 360 to understand own styles, preferences, strengths and potential weaknesses.  

Understanding my impact on others  

  • A leader’s shadow 
  • Recognising and using differences and diversity to get the best out of your team 

Tuesday 25th of October, 09:30-12:30 – Click here to RSVP

Session 2: Leading Others   

Leadership styles  

  • The six management styles  
  • How your management styles will affect climate and performance 
  • Leadership to get the best out of team members.  

Getting things done in a compassionate and inclusive way.  

  • How to build psychological safety in your team.  
  • Taking people with you   
  • Collaborating with people, not from a Health background.  

Managing performance issues  

  • The importance of regular feedback 
  • Dealing with a toxic individual 

Wednesday 1st November, 09:30-12:30 – Click here to RSVP