Compassionate and Inclusive Cultures

These sessions aspire to support increased synergy and engagement at the individual, team, and systems levels, identifying the environment to support high-performing teams and systems. Through these offers, we will help you develop skills and knowledge to support inclusive engagement and team development.

These sessions are aimed at leaders and managers at all levels across EoE health and system partner organisations.

Managing compassionately through change, facilitated by Byron Lee

At the end of the two-hour online workshop, participants will:  

1. Have explored how to manage compassionately through change at an individual, collective and system level  

2. Understand the different strands that contribute to managing change and how this can be translated to intrapersonal, interpersonal, organisational and cultural compassionate change practices 

3. Be aware of and understand how to apply skills to manage compassionately through change, including in their everyday practices 

4. Have an awareness of ongoing developmental needs 

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