Workshop 4

Communication, Influencing and Negotiation

Wednesday 18 September 2019

We will help you to better understand the strengths of your own leadership style and how you can use these to
influence and negotiate effectively to secure the best possible future for your Practice. The ability to collaborate effectively both between different health professionals within primary care and with other agencies outside of primary care will be key to the success of Primary Care Networks.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

By the end of this workshop, you will:
• Will have a better understanding of how people prefer to operate and what they need to help them when going through change;
• Will have a better understanding of your own preferred leadership style and what you can do to work to your strengths;
• Will understand how you tend to prefer to influence people and the alternative strategies you can use to do this;
• Have a framework for helping to identify why people are resistant to change and help them to overcome their fears;
• To develop a practical plan of action to take forward what you have learned.


All workshops will be held at:

The Garden Room
The Red Lion Hotel
42 Station Road (East)
CB22 4NL

Workshop Agenda

09:00 Refreshments

09:30 Welcome, introductions and opening round

• How do people prefer to operate (using Myers Brigg Type Indicator)
– Communicating, Making Decisions, Motivation and Organising Work

11:00 Break

• What is your preferred leadership style?
• What can you do to work to your strengths? What support do you need?
• What do different people need when they are going through Change?
• What do we need to do to ensure we take others with us through change?

12:30 Lunch

• What is your preferred influencing style?
• What alternative strategies could you use? (Practical exercises)

15:00 Break

• Overcoming limiting assumptions about change
• Understanding attitudes to conflict
• Understanding Offers and wants
• Developing Practical Plans
• Closing Round

16:30 Close