Workshop 3

Fearless Speaking

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Overnight accommodation available

We will help you to build your confidence and effectiveness so that you can effectively present your case to others. It is a very special day which many people have found to be life-changing’. There will be lots of tips and tricks to take away.

By the end of this workshop, you will:
• Are able to begin to find real physical ease when standing up in front of a group;
• Will have discovered your strong ‘presenting’ voice;
• Will have experienced the power of using your own stories to connect with your audience, and use them to inspire and influence;
• Will have learnt to put your attention in the right place i.e. on your audience rather than on yourself!
• Will learn how to use your breath to power your voice and control your nerves;
• Will begin to explore the use of Mindfulness as a tool for becoming present;
• Will learn tools from the theatre to give you power and impact.


All workshops will be held at:

The Garden Room
The Red Lion Hotel
42 Station Road (East)
CB22 4NL

Workshop Agenda
09:00 Refreshments
09:30 Welcome, introductions and opening round

• Introducing Fearless Speaking
• Handling nerves and anxiety –
what helps?

11:00 Break

• Where is your attention?
• How can it be channelled most effectively?
• What is your Vibrant Opening Story?

12:30 Lunch

• Waking up the Body and the Voice
• How do Human Beings Communicate?
• Can you take responsibility for communicating with your audience?
• Chance for individual coaching

15:00 Break

• Putting it all together

• Refining your plans and review of the day

16:30 Close